Advantages of central supplier hedging


By grouping the volume of commercial credit insurance with selected credit insurers, the customer's partner reduces risks that may result from indirect hedging relationships with their suppliers. At the same time, the volume of commercial credit insurance is used in the best way possible. Suppliers benefit from high-quality hedging and practical elimination of normal limit restrictions.

Current situation or without Delfactis

Without central Delfactis del credere insurance, there are different conditions of commercial credit insurance with different limits on the customer's partner, which must be continually monitored and adjusted by the suppliers.

... with Delfactis

A central credit limit for the customer's partner is effectively insured by Delfactis as a total sum, according to the corresponding current outstanding debt of the suppliers. Suppliers benefit from a standardised contract structure, without co-payment with 100% hedging. The customer’s partner has the chance to respond in a proactive manner in bottlenecks, in order to ensure a satisfactory limit.