Improve working capital and cash flow - as an independent partner, Delfactis offers you a financing solution that is optimally tailored to your company!

Release tied-up liquidity from your supply chain! A longer payment term for you as a customer and earlier liquidity for you as a sup-plier - our reverse factoring programme offers solid long-term and sustainable advantages for both sides!

Supplier and customer financing

Financing via reverse factoring

Optimise and standardise the receivables financing of your suppliers and benefit both as a customer and as a supplier!

Advantages of reverse factoring for the customer

Planning security and stability
An associated reliable factoring partner finances your supply chain for the long term.

Use payment targets strategically
Agree longer and uniform payment terms with your suppliers and optimise your working capital.

Strong Partner Suppliers
Improve your suppliers' liquidity with the option of stable reverse factoring.

A win-win situation for customers and suppliers
Secure your discount advantages, the factoring partner pays your suppliers immediately.

Improvement in the equity ratio
Reverse factoring is a financing method for you that is independent of credit institutions and does not affect your line of credit.

Keep track
Centralised control over supplier and factoring protection mitigates risks in bottleneck or crisis situations.

Advantages of reverse factoring for the supplier

An associated reliable factoring partner finances your supply chain for the long term.

Strengthen business relationships with a joint strategy
As a supplier, grant your customer longer payment terms without foregoing liquidity.

Planning security
Our reverse factoring model provides you with reliable and earlier liquidity that can be planned over the long term.

Deliver without risk
As a supplier, you transfer the debtor risk to the factoring partner.

Secure advantages at low cost
Benefit from low financing and factoring costs for all parties involved through the centralised reverse factoring model.

Improvement in working capital
Selling your receivables to the factoring partner reduces your outstanding debts.

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